Painting competition 2021

It is finally time for a new painting competition in the Windroos! This year’s theme will be “pirates” and participants have 20 days to send in their creations. Afterwards visitors in the store can vote for their favourites.

Points will be awarded for:

  • painting skill

  • conversion work

  • atmosphere

  • votes by visitors

Three winners will be announced on September 30th at 19:00 in the store.That same evening the results will be shared on social media.
First place receives a giftcard worth 60,-
Second place receives a giftcard worth 40,-
Third place receives a giftcard worth 30,-
Two participants will receive the audience award, an extra prize.

The rules
Registrations will start on September 1st and end September 20th.
One model per person. No more, no less.
The model needs to be based on a Games Workshop model.
The model cannot be bigger than 80mm x 80mm and its height cannot exceed 180mm.
The model must be painted and can be converted.
The model should have a pirate theme.
The model should not be considered offensive.

Update for 28th of April

The newest newsletter!

After a couple of silent months we finally have some good news! From the 28th of April onward, you don’t have to make an appointment to visit de Windroos!

We still have some rules to help stop the spread of Covid:
– If you don’t feel well, please stay home and have yourself tested.
– Please come alone. Only two customers are allowed at a time.
– Make sure you wear your mask. If you don’t have one, you can buy one for 4,99 in the store.
– Please follow any instructions from our staff.
– Please practice your social distance of 1,5 meters.

We have been keeping ourselves busy in the past few months. We have done our best to get new games in stock and a lot of games that were sold out finally made it back to our shelves. Next month we’ll even have a new game of the month! Are you curious which games we have? Keep an eye on our facebook page, Instagram and check our website!

Games Workshop is still experiencing issues with the delivery of their products. If you order anything via us, please expect to wait longer than usual for Games Workshop products.

See you soon in the Windroos!

Private Shopping!

And we’re back! After months of deliveries and collecting orders, we are finally allowed to receive customers in our store again! You can book a timeslot for your appointment via telephone (043 3114 586), send us an e-mail or contact us via our socials.

You can make an appointment for up to two people of 12 years and older for either fifteen minutes or half an hour.
If you can’t make it on time, just give us al call and we will reschedule you.

See you soon in de Windroos!

PS: Please don’t forget your mouth mask and please keep 1,5 meters social distance.


The lockdown will take a while, so shopping is hardly possible. You can of course always play games in a limited circle. Are you ready for new challenges? To make ordering easier, we have an online catalog. It contains a selection of top games from our game cabinet. Do you want to order games or do you have questions about other games? Contact us or visit our store.

De Windroos: opening

When is the store really open? When the door opens? When the sign is at the door? Or the moment the flag is raised? This happened on Tuesday September 15, shortly after 11am. In short: the shop is open.