Accessories and Tools

A selection of top games from our game cabinet. Would you like to order games from this list or do you have questions about other games? Contact us or visit our store:


Geekbox Token holder

These plastic boxes are ideal for compact storage of your game parts. They are sold in sets of three.

€ 3,60
Deck Box Ultra Pro

The perfect storage boxes for card games and play decks, from Pokemon to Magic the Gathering. Size is 9.9 x 7.2 x 5 cm. Various colors.

€ 4,80
Citadel Plastic Glue

Plastic cement for Warhammer models.

€ 6,30
Citadel Drybrush S
€ 5,15
Citadel Basebrush M
€ 6,45
Citadel Layerbrush S
€ 5,95
Citadel Painting Handle

This ergonomic painting handle is made as an ideal holder for painting miniatures. The handle is weighted so that it can stand firmly on a table.

€ 9,00