Chillteam Tournament

Kill team tournament 2022

Joining the tournament:
* Each player must register before October 23
* Each player can only bring one kill team to participate with.

Kill teams:
* Each player must bring their own kill team.
* Every model must be painted. Bare plastic models will not be eligible to participate.
* The kill team must be completely legal in game terms.
* Each player needs to have access to the rules of their kill team.

The Tournament:
The tournament will be held on October 23
rd from 11:00 until 18:00, split into three rounds.
At 16:00 the semi-finals will start. Directly following will be the finals.
(This time can change, depending on how long the first rounds will take.)

First round:
Each player will play 3 games against 3
different opponents. During each game, players will gain points. Points must be submitted to Erik after every battle, in the presence of your opponent. Four players with the most points will advance to the semi-finals.
Battles will be played per table. You are allowed to choose your own missions.

Points scored:
1 point for losing a battle.
2 points for killing the enemy Leader.
3 points for winning a battle.

All players must submit their points on the scoring board directly after a battle. Only the first three battles a player plays will count (ie: you cannot play five battles and pick the ones where you scored the most points!)

In case of a draw on position 4, all players with the same points will play a battle with only one fire team. Last player standing goes through to the semi-finals.

The players will play a knock-out game. The winners of these battles will go on to the finals.

The winners of the semi-finals will play the finale.

Respect your opponents and other players.
Follow the instructions of the staff.
Be careful with your models.
Be EXTRA careful with your opponent’s models.