Painting competition 2021

It is finally time for a new painting competition in the Windroos! This year’s theme will be “pirates” and participants have 20 days to send in their creations. Afterwards visitors in the store can vote for their favourites.

Points will be awarded for:

  • painting skill

  • conversion work

  • atmosphere

  • votes by visitors

Three winners will be announced on September 30th at 19:00 in the store.That same evening the results will be shared on social media.
First place receives a giftcard worth 60,-
Second place receives a giftcard worth 40,-
Third place receives a giftcard worth 30,-
Two participants will receive the audience award, an extra prize.

The rules
Registrations will start on September 1st and end September 20th.
One model per person. No more, no less.
The model needs to be based on a Games Workshop model.
The model cannot be bigger than 80mm x 80mm and its height cannot exceed 180mm.
The model must be painted and can be converted.
The model should have a pirate theme.
The model should not be considered offensive.