Painting competition 2023

At the Windroos we are celebrating our third anniversary, which means it is time for a new painting competition! You can register your entry from today until friday September 22nd. On Saturday September 30th we will announce the winners.

This year will have three categories: Single model, Monster/vehicle and/or Duel.

One winner from each category will be chosen, but you can register for all three categories.

Single Model: just one single model on their appropriate base (like a skeleton, a Space Marine or an Ogor)
Monster/ Vehicle: Monsters are all models that are bigger than Ogors. They have to be presented on their appropriate base.
Duel: two models of roughly equal power duke it out in a small diorama of max. 160mm.
The Rules:
– Entries must be made by Games Workshop, but you are allowed to use bits from third parties.
– Entries cannot be taller than 170mm.
– Prizes consist of one e60,- voucher for the winner of each category. Prizes are not redeemable for cash.
– Entries that are considered as discriminatory or inappropriate will not be eligible to enter.
The Windroos reserves the right to deny entries that do not comply with these rules.
Points can be earned for the following aspects:
– painting skill
– conversion work
– atmosphere
– votes from the public
For questions, please ask our staff or contact the Windroos